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Six-side shaping vacuum packaging machine-DCS-Z6
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Six-side shaping vacuum packaging machine-DCS-Z6

■ Range of Application:
Rice,food,sugar and other industries in the particulate material and vacuum packages installed quantitative integer processing.


■ Features:
★ Easy to be operated
Operators only need to complete the work bagging,weighing,vacuum shaping all done automatically by the machine.
★ Convenient to be installed
★ Function features
• Using SAMKOON Chinese touching screen,TAIDA program conrtoler,with intellingent instrumentation,realizing the whole process auto control including weighing,filling,six face integering,vaccuming,sealing diacharging,end product transporting.
• Using sealing-control mechanism design,realizing the six face vaccum seal
• Using importable sensor,pneumatic components and testing components,high reliability
•Having printer interface and communication interface,printing information about bagnumber,tatal weight,transferring production data to the user management system
• Chinese interface,operating easily
• Mould is replaced easily